Travelling across the Transition

Transitions – One of the inevitable factors of life. We all face them. Smaller ones and bigger ones. But they are always there.

Let it be the end of your schooling, starting of a new job, moving into a new location, getting married and so on.

And here I am trying to adapt with the current transition of new job, new place and new beginning all at once.

Think outside
And what I perceived in the mean while is – Lesser the time you take/require to adapt with the change, lesser the impact and hardship you apprehend for the transition.

How true is that!

Endurance is the key.

As the saying goes –  “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who survives but those who can best manage change.”

#beingHopeful 🙂

Growing up with the CHILD within

If asked, why would anyone not want their Childhood back?

Why would anyone not wish to relive the moments spent with too much of curiosity, laughter, small perks, eagerness, embarrassments, those little learning, happiness in tiniest of the things?

All this sounds so nice yet so simple. Isn’t it?

We grow up and beautify these words with- life, maturity, career, goals, relationship. These things take us to such a different space that at times we wonder where has all the simple things gone. And wonder why things get so complex as we grow up.

Can the reason behind this be because we leave behind the child inside us?

Imagine we solving all the problems in our life keeping the perspective of the child within us.

I believe the things would get as simpler as they were when we were a KID. 😉

No matter how bad my memory is, I still remember all the little things that i liked when i was a kid. 😀

Starting from the drawing books, Jumbo Coloring book Part- 1, 2 3; the crayons, the pencil colors, the non-dust eraser, the double-Decker compass box, the water colors, the ink pens and ink dropper.

Then from eating bourbon biscuits, coffee bite, gulping the rawalgaon chocolates right down the throat while talking, demanding for the Celebrations box for most occasions to brother, eating panipuri to mandatory ordering Dosa when visiting a restaurant.

Riding the bicycle to all the possible lanes of the area surrounding the house, getting drenched in the rain and then sailing the paper boat in the rain water. 

So much to recall, so much to rejoice. 🙂

Why not make all our grown up days such beautiful that we would be overwhelmed to share the experiences even at 70s.

No matter what the problem is, lets try to tackle it like a child.

Let the Child in you get involved in everything (most of things) you do.

It may work wonders! 🙂 Wish yourself a Happy Children’s Day everyday . 😉

Definitely a must watch for this beautiful video to Rejoice our childhood-

When I Grow up



Taking the Selfless Selfie!

Self-Obsession. Is all I see all around. It absolutely leaves me uncanny every time I think about it / feel it. You go out and meet someone. You will find that almost every one is preoccupied with their own life, own interest, own satisfaction, and what not. 😐

Everyone is striving for his own needs (Desires i must say). Moreover, its not ‘NEEDS‘ these days. Its ‘I-WANT-MORE‘ for ‘WHAT-SO-EVER‘ that thing might be, in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Isn’t this race of running towards the materialistic things heading us towards a vain time ahead? Till how long are we going to scamper in this race? Is this the only purpose of our existence? Living for our own self?

Think about it. I am not saying that having desire to achieve what you want is futile. Just that we should understand the extent up to which we consider achieving for the Self. We have got so much and still we are toiling for more.

There is a potent joy in giving. No matter if it is giving a smile to the cleaners in your office or helping someone in need instead of just being an onlooker.

There are so many things happening around us for which we show a ‘DON’T-CARE‘ attitude since it is not going to affect My-SELF.

Can we just not RE-THINK on this? Can we not do something which gives satisfaction to our inner self?

Why not BREAK the glass of self-obsession and start creating room for the concerns of others.

Why not choose a Selfless Selfie for ourselves! 🙂


Filling the drawn-out!

Gosh! I feel super-other-worldly to pen here that it has been some ‘n’ years that I have posted anything on my blog. It is absolutely not convincing me that the last post of mine on the blog was on 14 Feb, 2011.

Just a few days before I ran into all the posts and believe me, it is so amusing-embarrassing to read all the posts and know how we used to think before. 😀

So much time has passed in between, so many things have changed. I remember a line I’ve written in a post titled ‘The Change’.

“This change has so much impact in our life that we never know how will our own self be a year after.”  And yes I can realize a huge disparity between me, now and then.

New experiences, learnings, friends, feelings, heart breaks, trekking, concerts, limitless driving, guitar.

Am gonna make a new start yet again. Yay!


How-to-get-a-job Syndrome

It was just another day in the college, when a seminar was conducted for us on the topic ‘Software Testing and Quality Assurance’. The speaker was a Tester by profession, from a renowned company. The motive of complete 90 minutes of her seminar was that: the testing job is more eminent than that of developing the software, since most of the cost incurred in the complete  engineering of the software is due to the rework done on it.

She was enforcing on a thing that there would be around 30K testing jobs available in coming year, as per some statistics. And according to her, one should be prepared with the tools and techniques that are used in the industries for the testing purpose. So, she suggested us to join some XYZ Institute that provides certification on the tools , so that if you acquire those certifications, you would probably stand-out from the crowd and eventually get the chance to place yourself in a company with ease. 😐

Being an engineering student, now-a-days I am coming across people who are busy in the quest of acquiring various certifications, so that they can provide proof to the company that they have learnt some technology. I wonder whether these certificates really depicts the knowledge for a particular field. 🙄

Well, coming to the point which I want to make is that:

— Why do we always get the tips on how can we place ourselves in any XYZ company?

— Why from childhood are we listening to it that “Beta you need to study hard to get a good job.”

— Why aren’t we told that you need to study so that you can produce something of your own or implement something that you learn.

I guess, this might be one of the reasons to why most of us study just for the sake of passing the examination or for why we have a countable amount of “Real Engineers” from such a huge crowd of engineers. 😕

I want to say that, why do we always think with regard to acquiring job. Why don’t we think beyond it for creating something new, to choose some different path than what all others are blindly following? I know there’s nothing wrong in doing job. But I think, doing things just for the sake of getting a job, is insane. It kills the entire learning process that can create wonders.

Disregarded Voice

We have the freedom to put forth what we wish to say,  freedom to speak freely or freedom of expression. Something which we call as Freedom of Speech. But what if this freedom is actually overlooked?

Let me explore what I want to say. I am an engineering student, fed up of the poor quality of the teaching we get in our college. There are such lecturers in our college who are even not worth of being called as teachers. I wonder how such damn people are alloted as lecturers to impart knowledge to the students. So, out of frustration, we tried hard to raise our voice against it. Not once, many times.  But unfortunately (and expectedly), it fell on the deaf ears of the authorities.  😕

Apart from this, we- as a common man, face many situations when we feel to raise voice against something, for a particular purpose. But then it is hanged over until you lose all your patience. 😐

Also, we know that still there are many families in our country wherein the women’s voice is never listened to. She is always kept deprieved of what she wants to express.

From all this, I think if we have freedom of speech then it is probably needed to get heard. If the voice raised of any purpose is disregarded, it would definitely lead us nowhere. So, I just want to say that we need to make a little space for our freedom of speech to get heard.

Guest Post- Entrepreneurship via Job!

It has been many days that I have updated my blog. So, here is the guest post on the topic: Entrepreneurship via Job! by Makrand Bhombe.

Just give it a glance and let me know how did you feel. 🙂

Now-a-days most of us wishes to be an entrepreneur. Everybody dreams to have their own company and be the boss of themselves. I have observed that there are a few factors that limits to start a new venture. This includes –

  • Uncertain Family Background
  • Initial Finance
  • Lack of Guidance to make a start-up and others

A very few people get all these favorable factors and are able to start their venture and get success in that. And rest of them are required to opt for the job (forcefully).  And due to this, their dream to be an entrepreneur is some where left out. But, if one is really passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to keep the spirit of being-entrepreneur alive then he must keep in mind the following points, while doing the job.

  • Analyze the working of the organization
  • Mind the comments of the boss because it allows to do the SWOT analysis of yourself
  • Try to figure out how the organization will work from your point of view

But at times there comes a situation when one feels that he should leave the job and start his own business even if the conditions are not favourable. For those, I have jotted down some points that will allow to focus on the job, for a mean time and eventually will help them to acquire more experience and thus give a way to be a matured entrepreneur.

Job                                                                  Business

1. No investment                                             1. Requires investment

2. Guaranteed Monthly income                    2. No guarantee of income

3. Limited risk                                                 3. High risk

4. More Security and facilities                      4. Security depends on                                                                                 the growth of business

So, here’s wishing All the Best to all the employees who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.