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Redefining Universe..

Human being is such a social creature on this planet who can use his mental capabilities to do the things. He began to make discoveries from very basic things like fire, wheels and many other things that we are equipped with today.

The due course of these discoveries marked the progress and development of human mind and his intelligence. And now, the stage has come where he has reached to the peak of his intelligence to find out how the universe was actually created and what really happened when the universe was born.
We all have heard about a model that explains the scientific origin of the universe and what happened at its very beginning. Yes, The Big Bang model.
Scientists are all set to draw out the deep mysteries about the universe from the great experiment that is being processed in Switzerland. The powerful particle accelerator, known as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is built for the purpose that will recreate the same conditions as they were, a billions of years ago.
Whoa! This is one of the biggest experiment that is being carried out and that too 100m deep inside the earth.
Hope this experiment mark the new invention from mankind again! 😛