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Luck Exists!

Luck! Has been a debatable topic since a long time. Lot of things are associated with this term. Philosophy, karma, determinism, superstition and others. Though we are not into the depth of these terms, we can try to find out the probability of the existence of Luck.
Let us try.

Earlier I used to think that there is nothing called as luck. We, as a human being are blessed with a beautiful life and its in our hand and mind to mould our destiny. Those are our actions, which we get to see as the results. Most of the times if we get the negative result, we tend to say that: “this happens only with me and that I have a hard luck.” But, we ultimately forget that the negative result is just the consequence of our actions. So, when we are the one to decide the way and make efforts; then what this luck thing has to do with that?
Isn’t it?

On the counter part-

One fine day, I was waiting on the traffic signal for the light to go green, when my attention caught the sight of a little forsaken child asking the by-passers for some alms. He neither had proper clothes to wear nor food to eat. It was really disheartening to see most of the people just ignoring him. 😦

That sight made to think: why is it that the little boy is in the pain of begging while other people are enjoying their lives? There might be something that differed us with what we are today? There might be something that got this little boy in this world as a beggar and we as a ‘happy-with-what-we-have‘ .

So, don’t you think this is something which we can call as a Luck?
I do think so. What do you say?