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The Futile War..

From last 15 days, all the news channels are blabbering about the political issues. Every political party is trying to oppose the other by all means, regardless of whether the issue is worth fighting or not. 😕

Recently, an issue was produced that whether the Pakistan players should be allowed to play in IPL or not. Now, the point is clear that if the government has given permission for the Pakistani players to play in IPL, then what is the point in opposing  SRK. If some solution is to be found regarding this, then approach should be made to the government and not to someone who has no solution regarding the issue.

So, instead of  confronting such barren issues, if some of the affairs like price hike, unemployment and suicide are given highlight, then I guess, the public would also appreciate it.


Is it my Voter Card??

I just received my election/voter card today morning and (like everyone else) I am very excited for this. This is the first time I am going to vote for the elections and I am getting the feeling of being a responsible citizen.

I am happy for the 2 reasons. First, I can put my vote for the one, whom I think is capable of wielding their power for nation’s progress. And finally, I can now produce the card where ever my identity or address proof is required. 😛

I was going through the details mentioned on the card. But to my surprise, I came across some severe blunders made on it, despite of providing all the necessary documents for it.. 😯

1. My name was/is printed incorrectly.

2. My address was/is totally changed.

3. My DOB was/is completely altered.

Gosh, somebody please explain, how this card belongs to Me…                         This has happened not only with me, but also with some of my colleagues.

If such is the case, we cannot deny to say that, anyone can produce the dummy card and misuse it and the government will not even be aware about it.

Don’t these things matters when you give such card as the identity to a individual?

I just want to say that, if all these (responsible) things are done just for the sake of formality and that too irresponsibly,then whats the use..??                 How can we progress?