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Again for the Oscar..

A.R.Rahman has again made it to the Oscar. One of the track from his recent hollywood movie, Couples Retreat, has been nominated for the Oscar. The track being: Nana, sung by his 6 years old son and others, is a great fun to listen. 😛 Gosh! Can’t stop listening to this track and the other one being Sajna. The album as a whole is a hollywood flick of tamil, hindi and english.

Do listen it! 🙂


The Master-Piece!

When I heard this song for the first time, I was completely astonished. Believe me, I played it continuously for 8 times. What a song it is!

An elegant voice, awesome composition and amazing lyrics.. One of the Best-est song I have ever come across. Loved it a lot.. 😛

I  adore all the compositions of A.R.Rahman and have sensed that all the songs sung by him goes around in the mind for a longer time. I completely admire Mr. Rahman. Salute to you, Sir!

Now, nothing more from my side. Just put on your head phones with a tolerable volume and listen to the song. And, do tell me what did you feel. 🙂