Just a Graduate..

A boy does his schooling and appears for SSC. Then he studies hard for his HSC and starts preparing for the entrance exams. If he is quite a intelligent student and has some medical background, then he opts for the medical field. Rest of them (excluding a few) opts for the so called “Engineering” field. 8)
Now-a-days, no matter how much marks the student gets in the entrance exam or how average the student is, one thing is for sure that he will get admitted in some or the other college for The Engineering.

The days are gone when we used to hear that there are very few colleges for engineering. Today, almost every politician owns a college after his name and number of other colleges have been granted permission to open their institutes. Since, the number of colleges have increased, there is great need for its staff and the lecturers. Yesterday itself, I read an advertisement for the requirement of Principal in an Engineering College.

Teaching is such a field where very few of the crowd comes by choice and have passion for it. So, most of the lecturers that are appointed,  do their job just for the sake of money. And the most storming fact is that the non-technical staff is being appointed to teach in the technical college. How can this happen? 😕

When you (owners of the colleges) can’t provide appropriate staff for the colleges, then why are you establishing the colleges and threatning the future of the students?  😡
The point here is that: we are definitely producing number of so-called engineers in our country, but the quality is missing. So, its not the engineers we are producing, but we are producing just the Graduates!


9 thoughts on “Just a Graduate..

  1. This has really become a serious problem yar, they just have no rights to play with our future just we can wish is that we will get good staff in
    coming years.

  2. Point Agreed.

    Engineering College is a juice maker.
    Put the sugar-cane inside and you get the juice.
    But, in the process, the sugar-cane gets beaten and thrashed.

    Frustrating phase of life…that we will soon overcome.

    @Swati : Please put proper punctuation marks yaar!
    It becomes un-readble sometimes. 😕

  3. Hmm….
    No bright future of the country.

    But see the positive side of it, after being graduate if we are not placed in any company then we have one more option of being a principal of our own college…. 😛

    ‘Khud ka college kholenge…’ 😛 😉

  4. @Monika: Khud ke bare mehi kitni bar sochenge..

    @Ankita and Swati: Its not just about our own life and frustration but its about the current status of our education system and the marketization of the education.. Did you get the point?

  5. Awesome Post…. Bt 1 thing I wud like to mention dat… Ny guy wid or widout knwldge cud come to teach us… Bt does dis really affects d intellectual of d one who really deserve to be an Engg..??? How many Engg. students really need a teacher to teach a topic..?? We atten d classes for d sake of Attendance.. It doesn’t matter hw many lect. u hv attended… At d end of d day itz d no. of dayz of PL dat matters.. wel.. a gr8 post… keep it up… 🙂

  6. @Dhamma: Agree that it does not affect the intellectual of one who deserves to be an engineer. But, at the same time it has become the tendency to attend the college just for the sake of attendance. Nobody goes to college to learn something. And this condition has occurred just due the fact that we don’t get quality education.
    Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog.. 🙂

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