Taking the Selfless Selfie!

Self-Obsession. Is all I see all around. It absolutely leaves me uncanny every time I think about it / feel it. You go out and meet someone. You will find that almost every one is preoccupied with their own life, own interest, own satisfaction, and what not. 😐

Everyone is striving for his own needs (Desires i must say). Moreover, its not ‘NEEDS‘ these days. Its ‘I-WANT-MORE‘ for ‘WHAT-SO-EVER‘ that thing might be, in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Isn’t this race of running towards the materialistic things heading us towards a vain time ahead? Till how long are we going to scamper in this race? Is this the only purpose of our existence? Living for our own self?

Think about it. I am not saying that having desire to achieve what you want is futile. Just that we should understand the extent up to which we consider achieving for the Self. We have got so much and still we are toiling for more.

There is a potent joy in giving. No matter if it is giving a smile to the cleaners in your office or helping someone in need instead of just being an onlooker.

There are so many things happening around us for which we show a ‘DON’T-CARE‘ attitude since it is not going to affect My-SELF.

Can we just not RE-THINK on this? Can we not do something which gives satisfaction to our inner self?

Why not BREAK the glass of self-obsession and start creating room for the concerns of others.

Why not choose a Selfless Selfie for ourselves! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Taking the Selfless Selfie!

  1. but that is basic human tendency.. we want something we get it and then on to the next one .. such is the way of life.. selfless well something very hard to do in this materialistic world.. I am sure weven the most selfless have some wish of getting back something sometime..

  2. Right Bikram, its a human tendency and there’s no wrong in that. Just that we should understand the extent up to which we consider these things. I know its difficult to break apart from all these urge. But why not try to be selfless for at least some moment out of our self obsession. 🙂

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