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Marketing World out there..

When we hear about the term ‘Marketing’, we generally relate it to the commercial world. But, in today’s world it can definitely be applicable to represent the talent of any individual.

Well in simple terms, I mean to say that, Marketing means to publicize something in order to get  recognition in the world. Or  it is the effective way to present a thing despite it being good or bad.

Initially I used to think that, if someone has really got any talent, then it is bound to get visible and that there is no need to publicize it.

But my views are taking a turn. Thats because-  today’s scenario is changing. Everyone is engaged in forming his image amongst others in  some or the other way. Everyone wants to be different from others and hence, tries to expose his talent in front of others.

If we do not present what qualities do we have, then we hardly get any chance to come ahead and flourish. And if such is the case, then it becomes difficult to survive in this competitive world. And most importantly, if you are not at some place, then there would definitely be someone else.

So,  I guess the time has come to learn to market out ourselves in order to boom in today’s world.

What do you say?