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My Odd Notion..

Hey, I have my maths exam tomorrow and I am trying hard to study for it..

I know, instead of writing a post here, I should practice for it..

But still.. 😉

All the words that are coming to my mind now are:

Why is this maths sort of thing so: strange, hilarious, miraculous, impractical, exciting, interesting, horrible, twisting, messy..

Yes, I am feeling all these things at a same time.. 😯

I remember the days in school, when my maths teacher used to ask me to recite the table of some number and I was never able to recite it till the end.

Also, when I was asked to solve any maths theorem on the board, I was never able to solve it completely.

I felt, why we need to mug up those complicated tables, squares, cubes, roots and other such things rather than solving it?

Even now (read: in graduation), we need to prove lots and lots of theorems even though they were proved by the scientists before.

Why should we learn the things that are not going to be applied anyhow in real life… (Though knowledge gained is never wasted.. Bt its really a headache..)

Why? 😕

I really don’t understand it..

Well all these things are in my mind (again making it a maze)..

But from the beginning, I was captivated towards this subject 🙂 ..

While studying for diploma, we didn’t have maths subjects for complete 2 yrs (out of 3). I always felt.. Why not?? Its really scoring and interesting rather than writing loads and loads of theory in other subjects.. Isn’t it??

So, in short, I have dual feeling for Maths.. That’s what I call it as: “My Odd Notion”

And now let me put a full stop to the weird thoughts that are pouring down, before you hit me out…. 😀

See you..