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Guest Post- Entrepreneurship via Job!

It has been many days that I have updated my blog. So, here is the guest post on the topic: Entrepreneurship via Job! by Makrand Bhombe.

Just give it a glance and let me know how did you feel. 🙂

Now-a-days most of us wishes to be an entrepreneur. Everybody dreams to have their own company and be the boss of themselves. I have observed that there are a few factors that limits to start a new venture. This includes –

  • Uncertain Family Background
  • Initial Finance
  • Lack of Guidance to make a start-up and others

A very few people get all these favorable factors and are able to start their venture and get success in that. And rest of them are required to opt for the job (forcefully).  And due to this, their dream to be an entrepreneur is some where left out. But, if one is really passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to keep the spirit of being-entrepreneur alive then he must keep in mind the following points, while doing the job.

  • Analyze the working of the organization
  • Mind the comments of the boss because it allows to do the SWOT analysis of yourself
  • Try to figure out how the organization will work from your point of view

But at times there comes a situation when one feels that he should leave the job and start his own business even if the conditions are not favourable. For those, I have jotted down some points that will allow to focus on the job, for a mean time and eventually will help them to acquire more experience and thus give a way to be a matured entrepreneur.

Job                                                                  Business

1. No investment                                             1. Requires investment

2. Guaranteed Monthly income                    2. No guarantee of income

3. Limited risk                                                 3. High risk

4. More Security and facilities                      4. Security depends on                                                                                 the growth of business

So, here’s wishing All the Best to all the employees who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.