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How-to-get-a-job Syndrome

It was just another day in the college, when a seminar was conducted for us on the topic ‘Software Testing and Quality Assurance’. The speaker was a Tester by profession, from a renowned company. The motive of complete 90 minutes of her seminar was that: the testing job is more eminent than that of developing the software, since most of the cost incurred in the complete  engineering of the software is due to the rework done on it.

She was enforcing on a thing that there would be around 30K testing jobs available in coming year, as per some statistics. And according to her, one should be prepared with the tools and techniques that are used in the industries for the testing purpose. So, she suggested us to join some XYZ Institute that provides certification on the tools , so that if you acquire those certifications, you would probably stand-out from the crowd and eventually get the chance to place yourself in a company with ease. 😐

Being an engineering student, now-a-days I am coming across people who are busy in the quest of acquiring various certifications, so that they can provide proof to the company that they have learnt some technology. I wonder whether these certificates really depicts the knowledge for a particular field. 🙄

Well, coming to the point which I want to make is that:

— Why do we always get the tips on how can we place ourselves in any XYZ company?

— Why from childhood are we listening to it that “Beta you need to study hard to get a good job.”

— Why aren’t we told that you need to study so that you can produce something of your own or implement something that you learn.

I guess, this might be one of the reasons to why most of us study just for the sake of passing the examination or for why we have a countable amount of “Real Engineers” from such a huge crowd of engineers. 😕

I want to say that, why do we always think with regard to acquiring job. Why don’t we think beyond it for creating something new, to choose some different path than what all others are blindly following? I know there’s nothing wrong in doing job. But I think, doing things just for the sake of getting a job, is insane. It kills the entire learning process that can create wonders.


Disregarded Voice

We have the freedom to put forth what we wish to say,  freedom to speak freely or freedom of expression. Something which we call as Freedom of Speech. But what if this freedom is actually overlooked?

Let me explore what I want to say. I am an engineering student, fed up of the poor quality of the teaching we get in our college. There are such lecturers in our college who are even not worth of being called as teachers. I wonder how such damn people are alloted as lecturers to impart knowledge to the students. So, out of frustration, we tried hard to raise our voice against it. Not once, many times.  But unfortunately (and expectedly), it fell on the deaf ears of the authorities.  😕

Apart from this, we- as a common man, face many situations when we feel to raise voice against something, for a particular purpose. But then it is hanged over until you lose all your patience. 😐

Also, we know that still there are many families in our country wherein the women’s voice is never listened to. She is always kept deprieved of what she wants to express.

From all this, I think if we have freedom of speech then it is probably needed to get heard. If the voice raised of any purpose is disregarded, it would definitely lead us nowhere. So, I just want to say that we need to make a little space for our freedom of speech to get heard.


Millions of thoughts come and go,

Convincing of them are applied the most.

Verification of its consequences makes us feel good or bad,

But the experience that we gain makes us feel too glad!

In the flow of thoughts,

Good things frequently come and go.

The mission is to catch those things,

Overcoming the shadow of the glow!

Sometimes we seem to be brainless,

And follow the way that is aimless.

After certain cross-checks we get conscious,

And come to know that it’s the way of certain countless!

Sometimes following the right path seems so useless

But its importance in life tightens our shoe lace!

Everyone’s thinking may be different,  but I guess, these experiences are the same..

Its all about “Hide n Seek”!

Music is something which is very close to everybody’s heart. It speaks about the feelings that cannot be expressed by any kind of language.  It is something that gives immense pleasure to our mind and soul. It is something that overpowers and isolates us from the negativity in mind.

Ohh.. there can be number of such definitions of The Music that comes to our mind when we start thinking about it. We all know that the instruments make the major part of any music. They are the drivers for the ultimate melody.

Sometimes I used to think that how can these steady and dumb instruments ever produce such soothing and pleasing melodies? 😐

Out of this curiosity and affection, I started to learn to play an instrument (Guitar) two years before.  I used to enjoy every bit of that learning and used to feel very delighted and happy, being in touch with that instrument. It gave me the Lively feeling! 😛

But somehow unknowingly after much of the days of learning, I departed from it and the instrument took its place on the loft of my room. Everyday, there came a slot of time when I used to constantly stare at it  and get some lowly feeling. 🙄

And after much of these gloomy days, I realised that something is missing in the way I am working out.  And henceforth I decided to seek the thing which I missed out daily and now I feel satisfied somehow.  🙂

Similarly, sometimes in life it happens that we need to do the things that we don’t like to do. Between which we forget or ignore the ones which we really like. And what happens is, unknowingly that thing gets hidden and we don’t find the way for it.  Don’t let this happen. Seek for what you enjoy doing. Who knows it might turn into some wonder someday! 😉

In search of ‘Me’..

Whenever I come across the ‘About me’ tag, it reminds me of the SWOT Analysis. When I was in Diploma, we were asked to perform this analysis, which I thought was one of the most annoying thing I could do then. 😡

But, now I think it would have done something to groom me up.

You might be thinking why am I writing about this thing. The reason being, from a few days from now, I am trying many things that I think, would interest me and I would be able to do it the best way. A thought is constantly knocking my mind that it’s the high time now to know the forte within me. 😕

Believe me, much of the thoughts walked in my mind but I was unable to pick out any of those. I tried few of them and ended up with the funny outcome and between got to know much about ‘me’. 😆

Really, this is such a strange facet of life wherein an individual tries a hell lot of things to ‘pull out’ his identity. I am also trying the same and hope that I end up with this search soon.

Anyway, did you ever come across such situation?

P.S.  SWOTStrength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat.

In the lecture..

“The Corresponding Clause can be used with the Add and Subtract verb in which elementary items are referred by identifiers where data is required to be stored in four fields…..”

These were the words that were striking my head when our COBOL lecture was on run. I was waiting for the time to move ahead. But the lecture continued till the next half an hour :o. I was feeling completely frustrated because of two reasons: first, I was totally not interested in what was being taught and the second reason being, lots of weird but true thoughts were wandering in my mind.

I just turned to ‘the last page of my copy’ and started writing those unusual things that were coming to my mind.. 😉

ते शेवटचं वहीचं पान,
आहे विचित्र आकृतींच स्थान..
ते सरांचा शिकवणं,
आणि आमचं न ऐकणं..
ती मोठी विचारांची लाट  ,
वाहून नेते दुसर्या जगात..
का कुणाच ठाऊक,
हा अभ्यास कधीच नाही वाटला भावूक..
बरेच वेळेस झाला भास,
की आपल्याला आहे रस दुसर्यात..
पाहता पाहता पाहत राहिली..
पण ती वाट दिसूनही दिसलीच नाही..

Though these words are uncanny but are reflecting the the present condition of my mind. And I am trying to find a way from it..

I hate..

I hate the messages that says-

  • Today is world’s closest friend day. Send this to all ur close friends (also to me if i am one). If u get back 4 msgs, you are lovable..
  • Send this star * to all ur friends (also to me if i am one). If 3 stars come back, u’ll get married with a person you truly love..
  • (Adding one more, coz this is the limit) Today is xxx’s birthday. Ignore mat karna nahi to 12 saal tak unlucky ho jaoge. 10 logo ko ye sms bhejo, not me. Rat tak acchi khabar ayegi..

What the heck is this? 😮

Such messages really don’t make any sense and are worth trashing off! 😡 What say?