Growing up with the CHILD within

If asked, why would anyone not want their Childhood back?

Why would anyone not wish to relive the moments spent with too much of curiosity, laughter, small perks, eagerness, embarrassments, those little learning, happiness in tiniest of the things?

All this sounds so nice yet so simple. Isn’t it?

We grow up and beautify these words with- life, maturity, career, goals, relationship. These things take us to such a different space that at times we wonder where has all the simple things gone. And wonder why things get so complex as we grow up.

Can the reason behind this be because we leave behind the child inside us?

Imagine we solving all the problems in our life keeping the perspective of the child within us.

I believe the things would get as simpler as they were when we were a KID. 😉

No matter how bad my memory is, I still remember all the little things that i liked when i was a kid. 😀

Starting from the drawing books, Jumbo Coloring book Part- 1, 2 3; the crayons, the pencil colors, the non-dust eraser, the double-Decker compass box, the water colors, the ink pens and ink dropper.

Then from eating bourbon biscuits, coffee bite, gulping the rawalgaon chocolates right down the throat while talking, demanding for the Celebrations box for most occasions to brother, eating panipuri to mandatory ordering Dosa when visiting a restaurant.

Riding the bicycle to all the possible lanes of the area surrounding the house, getting drenched in the rain and then sailing the paper boat in the rain water. 

So much to recall, so much to rejoice. 🙂

Why not make all our grown up days such beautiful that we would be overwhelmed to share the experiences even at 70s.

No matter what the problem is, lets try to tackle it like a child.

Let the Child in you get involved in everything (most of things) you do.

It may work wonders! 🙂 Wish yourself a Happy Children’s Day everyday . 😉

Definitely a must watch for this beautiful video to Rejoice our childhood-

When I Grow up




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