In the lecture..

“The Corresponding Clause can be used with the Add and Subtract verb in which elementary items are referred by identifiers where data is required to be stored in four fields…..”

These were the words that were striking my head when our COBOL lecture was on run. I was waiting for the time to move ahead. But the lecture continued till the next half an hour :o. I was feeling completely frustrated because of two reasons: first, I was totally not interested in what was being taught and the second reason being, lots of weird but true thoughts were wandering in my mind.

I just turned to ‘the last page of my copy’ and started writing those unusual things that were coming to my mind.. 😉

ते शेवटचं वहीचं पान,
आहे विचित्र आकृतींच स्थान..
ते सरांचा शिकवणं,
आणि आमचं न ऐकणं..
ती मोठी विचारांची लाट  ,
वाहून नेते दुसर्या जगात..
का कुणाच ठाऊक,
हा अभ्यास कधीच नाही वाटला भावूक..
बरेच वेळेस झाला भास,
की आपल्याला आहे रस दुसर्यात..
पाहता पाहता पाहत राहिली..
पण ती वाट दिसूनही दिसलीच नाही..

Though these words are uncanny but are reflecting the the present condition of my mind. And I am trying to find a way from it..


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