The Second Tag

I have been tagged by my friend Ankita for the second time. And the tag says to mention 7 things about myself that nobody knows! So here goes the list:

  • I love singing. Whenever I am at home, I sing aloud and almost every time my brother asks me to shut it down. 🙂
  • I cannot express my anger. I feel that the person would get hurt if I say what I intend to. 😕
  • Though I am learning Guitar, I can play some tunes on Flute.
  • I am fascinated by entrepreneurship.
  • You will hardly find any ornament-kind-of things at my place.
  • I can finish a packet of Bourbon biscuits in a day. 😛
  • I love to travel and explore new places and wish to create a Travel Journal of self.

9 thoughts on “The Second Tag

  1. I know you don’t talk back to people even if they are in the wrong.
    But you should just say how you feel because the other person will be under a false impression and then again will do things which might make you angry.

    And I definitely want to hear the flute(however it may be :P). 🙂

  2. ..thanks for dropping inn..its was actually amazing to see UP movie ..discussed in your blog too …I guess ..good things are liked by everyone!
    Bourbone..biscuits..I found here in US ..which I am crazy too 🙂
    ..I liked the topics discussed here …seems like ..lot of similarities..

  3. @Harman- True. It was fantastic to watch the UP movie and it is such a movie that anybody would like it at once. Anyway, its nice to know that you liked the topics discussed in here. Thanks and Welcome to my blog, Harman! 🙂

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