Filling the drawn-out!

Gosh! I feel super-other-worldly to pen here that it has been some ‘n’ years that I have posted anything on my blog. It is absolutely not convincing me that the last post of mine on the blog was on 14 Feb, 2011.

Just a few days before I ran into all the posts and believe me, it is so amusing-embarrassing to read all the posts and know how we used to think before. 😀

So much time has passed in between, so many things have changed. I remember a line I’ve written in a post titled ‘The Change’.

“This change has so much impact in our life that we never know how will our own self be a year after.”  And yes I can realize a huge disparity between me, now and then.

New experiences, learnings, friends, feelings, heart breaks, trekking, concerts, limitless driving, guitar.

Am gonna make a new start yet again. Yay!



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