Disregarded Voice

We have the freedom to put forth what we wish to say,  freedom to speak freely or freedom of expression. Something which we call as Freedom of Speech. But what if this freedom is actually overlooked?

Let me explore what I want to say. I am an engineering student, fed up of the poor quality of the teaching we get in our college. There are such lecturers in our college who are even not worth of being called as teachers. I wonder how such damn people are alloted as lecturers to impart knowledge to the students. So, out of frustration, we tried hard to raise our voice against it. Not once, many times.  But unfortunately (and expectedly), it fell on the deaf ears of the authorities.  😕

Apart from this, we- as a common man, face many situations when we feel to raise voice against something, for a particular purpose. But then it is hanged over until you lose all your patience. 😐

Also, we know that still there are many families in our country wherein the women’s voice is never listened to. She is always kept deprieved of what she wants to express.

From all this, I think if we have freedom of speech then it is probably needed to get heard. If the voice raised of any purpose is disregarded, it would definitely lead us nowhere. So, I just want to say that we need to make a little space for our freedom of speech to get heard.


3 thoughts on “Disregarded Voice

  1. Hello Manjiri,
    First of all Nice theme and now your blog looks cool too.

    Well regarding your post….
    This problem is not only with your college and authority but you will find the same problem in many Engineering colleges and according to my point of view this all thing happens because large number of Engineering colleges and people are coming into engineering just for the Degree certificate they never mind that what i will get in this college their ultimate goal is we want Degree nothing else in this situation the whole system is going to be worst as still the Engineering college is increasing rapidly and when they start a new college they recruit the freshers to teach the first year second year students rarely they are going to recruit ME or MTech Professor as they have to paid more to ME guy as compare to BE or BTech guy. and as you said when you raise your voice to authority about good quality of education they will use their power and you can’t do anything.

    I have also faced same problem in my college as you have said in this post. We too try to request our authority then there is reverse pressure from authority to students that if they are going to oppose again then they will cut the internal marks and many more.

    The solution is only that government have to limit the engineering colleges or on other way they have to supervising all the colleges like here in Gujarat now a days there is only one common university for engineering colleges called GTU and there is one organization and it keeps watch on all the colleges and its results if it found below some % then they banned that college.
    Now everything is depend on that organization if the member of that organization is corrupted people then we can do nothing.

  2. @Harshad: What you’ve mentioned is really true and is the fact that we are observing. But the sad part is that we are unable to make any move even if we desperately wish to.
    Anyway, Thanks. I too found this theme a pleasing one. 🙂

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