Why not in Olympics?

India is doing well in the Common Wealth Games 2010, winning 20+ gold medals in all. The whole country is proud of the participants for their performance. But, given a thought, a question arised in my mind that, if we can acquire gold medals in CWG then why can’t we do that in Olympics? Why is our country considered amongst the one with lowest number of Olympic medals?

As per Wikipedia, “India is remarkable among nations for having won very few Olympic medals despite a population exceeding a billion, around half of them under the age of 25.”

What do you think, where do we lag behind? And where is Young India?

I think, there are very less foundations for the training of the sports like atletics, shooting, archery, boxing, etc here in India. Thats why the young population don’t find any scope in this field. If such training foundations are made available at the district level, then a bit of the crowd from every district would get attracted towards it, from which genuine players would be promoted. And the compititon amongst the refined players will give the quality players which would represent India.

Also, if these games are represented at National level with glamour as that given to IPL, it would bring stability and fame to players.

So, if such thing is implemented, then we would get few Heros from those games who will be the youth icons of our country and will inspire the young India to march towards the Olympic games.


3 thoughts on “Why not in Olympics?

  1. In India, according to me, the only money spent is on Cricket and its training. Hockey, being the national game has less audience than Cricket.
    Ok! leave that for once.
    Abhinav Bindra had to do all his training and practice by himself.
    The Indian Government pays little or rather no attention to the sports section.
    They do not want to provide facilities for various sports or so, but if we do win an international medal or something, the media won’t stop bragging about how proud India is to have a player like them.

    In Chetan Bhagat’s novel too, ‘Three mistakes–‘, the author has put light on/about how the sports facilities differ largely in Australia compared to India, but I’m sure very few of us might have given a thought to it.

    Well, about India doing well in the CWG, it might be because they gain confidence and courage as they are performing on their very own motherland. I hope Indians do well in the Olympics too. (Sorry, the comment went too long 😦 )

  2. @Enigma- True. The government is obsessed with Cricket. They have hardly promoted any other sport except Cricket. This is one of the reason for why Hockey, the National game of the country, is being suppressed. Our Hockey team has brought in 8 gold medals in Olympics till now, which is highest among all the national teams. Still that sport and the players are not promoted in the country. Is this justified? 😡

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