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How-to-get-a-job Syndrome

It was just another day in the college, when a seminar was conducted for us on the topic ‘Software Testing and Quality Assurance’. The speaker was a Tester by profession, from a renowned company. The motive of complete 90 minutes of her seminar was that: the testing job is more eminent than that of developing the software, since most of the cost incurred in the complete  engineering of the software is due to the rework done on it.

She was enforcing on a thing that there would be around 30K testing jobs available in coming year, as per some statistics. And according to her, one should be prepared with the tools and techniques that are used in the industries for the testing purpose. So, she suggested us to join some XYZ Institute that provides certification on the tools , so that if you acquire those certifications, you would probably stand-out from the crowd and eventually get the chance to place yourself in a company with ease. 😐

Being an engineering student, now-a-days I am coming across people who are busy in the quest of acquiring various certifications, so that they can provide proof to the company that they have learnt some technology. I wonder whether these certificates really depicts the knowledge for a particular field. 🙄

Well, coming to the point which I want to make is that:

— Why do we always get the tips on how can we place ourselves in any XYZ company?

— Why from childhood are we listening to it that “Beta you need to study hard to get a good job.”

— Why aren’t we told that you need to study so that you can produce something of your own or implement something that you learn.

I guess, this might be one of the reasons to why most of us study just for the sake of passing the examination or for why we have a countable amount of “Real Engineers” from such a huge crowd of engineers. 😕

I want to say that, why do we always think with regard to acquiring job. Why don’t we think beyond it for creating something new, to choose some different path than what all others are blindly following? I know there’s nothing wrong in doing job. But I think, doing things just for the sake of getting a job, is insane. It kills the entire learning process that can create wonders.


Disregarded Voice

We have the freedom to put forth what we wish to say,  freedom to speak freely or freedom of expression. Something which we call as Freedom of Speech. But what if this freedom is actually overlooked?

Let me explore what I want to say. I am an engineering student, fed up of the poor quality of the teaching we get in our college. There are such lecturers in our college who are even not worth of being called as teachers. I wonder how such damn people are alloted as lecturers to impart knowledge to the students. So, out of frustration, we tried hard to raise our voice against it. Not once, many times.  But unfortunately (and expectedly), it fell on the deaf ears of the authorities.  😕

Apart from this, we- as a common man, face many situations when we feel to raise voice against something, for a particular purpose. But then it is hanged over until you lose all your patience. 😐

Also, we know that still there are many families in our country wherein the women’s voice is never listened to. She is always kept deprieved of what she wants to express.

From all this, I think if we have freedom of speech then it is probably needed to get heard. If the voice raised of any purpose is disregarded, it would definitely lead us nowhere. So, I just want to say that we need to make a little space for our freedom of speech to get heard.

Just a Graduate..

A boy does his schooling and appears for SSC. Then he studies hard for his HSC and starts preparing for the entrance exams. If he is quite a intelligent student and has some medical background, then he opts for the medical field. Rest of them (excluding a few) opts for the so called “Engineering” field. 8)
Now-a-days, no matter how much marks the student gets in the entrance exam or how average the student is, one thing is for sure that he will get admitted in some or the other college for The Engineering.

The days are gone when we used to hear that there are very few colleges for engineering. Today, almost every politician owns a college after his name and number of other colleges have been granted permission to open their institutes. Since, the number of colleges have increased, there is great need for its staff and the lecturers. Yesterday itself, I read an advertisement for the requirement of Principal in an Engineering College.

Teaching is such a field where very few of the crowd comes by choice and have passion for it. So, most of the lecturers that are appointed,  do their job just for the sake of money. And the most storming fact is that the non-technical staff is being appointed to teach in the technical college. How can this happen? 😕

When you (owners of the colleges) can’t provide appropriate staff for the colleges, then why are you establishing the colleges and threatning the future of the students?  😡
The point here is that: we are definitely producing number of so-called engineers in our country, but the quality is missing. So, its not the engineers we are producing, but we are producing just the Graduates!

My Odd Notion..

Hey, I have my maths exam tomorrow and I am trying hard to study for it..

I know, instead of writing a post here, I should practice for it..

But still.. 😉

All the words that are coming to my mind now are:

Why is this maths sort of thing so: strange, hilarious, miraculous, impractical, exciting, interesting, horrible, twisting, messy..

Yes, I am feeling all these things at a same time.. 😯

I remember the days in school, when my maths teacher used to ask me to recite the table of some number and I was never able to recite it till the end.

Also, when I was asked to solve any maths theorem on the board, I was never able to solve it completely.

I felt, why we need to mug up those complicated tables, squares, cubes, roots and other such things rather than solving it?

Even now (read: in graduation), we need to prove lots and lots of theorems even though they were proved by the scientists before.

Why should we learn the things that are not going to be applied anyhow in real life… (Though knowledge gained is never wasted.. Bt its really a headache..)

Why? 😕

I really don’t understand it..

Well all these things are in my mind (again making it a maze)..

But from the beginning, I was captivated towards this subject 🙂 ..

While studying for diploma, we didn’t have maths subjects for complete 2 yrs (out of 3). I always felt.. Why not?? Its really scoring and interesting rather than writing loads and loads of theory in other subjects.. Isn’t it??

So, in short, I have dual feeling for Maths.. That’s what I call it as: “My Odd Notion”

And now let me put a full stop to the weird thoughts that are pouring down, before you hit me out…. 😀

See you..