Why not in Olympics?

India is doing well in the Common Wealth Games 2010, winning 20+ gold medals in all. The whole country is proud of the participants for their performance. But, given a thought, a question arised in my mind that, if we can acquire gold medals in CWG then why can’t we do that in Olympics? Why is our country considered amongst the one with lowest number of Olympic medals?

As per Wikipedia, “India is remarkable among nations for having won very few Olympic medals despite a population exceeding a billion, around half of them under the age of 25.”

What do you think, where do we lag behind? And where is Young India?

I think, there are very less foundations for the training of the sports like atletics, shooting, archery, boxing, etc here in India. Thats why the young population don’t find any scope in this field. If such training foundations are made available at the district level, then a bit of the crowd from every district would get attracted towards it, from which genuine players would be promoted. And the compititon amongst the refined players will give the quality players which would represent India.

Also, if these games are represented at National level with glamour as that given to IPL, it would bring stability and fame to players.

So, if such thing is implemented, then we would get few Heros from those games who will be the youth icons of our country and will inspire the young India to march towards the Olympic games.


The Second Tag

I have been tagged by my friend Ankita for the second time. And the tag says to mention 7 things about myself that nobody knows! So here goes the list:

  • I love singing. Whenever I am at home, I sing aloud and almost every time my brother asks me to shut it down. 🙂
  • I cannot express my anger. I feel that the person would get hurt if I say what I intend to. 😕
  • Though I am learning Guitar, I can play some tunes on Flute.
  • I am fascinated by entrepreneurship.
  • You will hardly find any ornament-kind-of things at my place.
  • I can finish a packet of Bourbon biscuits in a day. 😛
  • I love to travel and explore new places and wish to create a Travel Journal of self.

बदलला माणूस , बदलली माणुसकी!

युगे बदलली काळ लोटला,
प्रत्येक कामासाठी मोबदला लागू लागला.
न राहिला जिव्हाळा, न राहिली
बदलला माणूस, बदलली माणुसकी!

जिभेचे हे चोचले पुरवण्यासाठी,
आठवड्यातून एकदा तरी हवे मांसाहारी जेवण.
आणि मग कापला बोकड केलं मटण,
कापली कोंबडी केलं चिकन.
पण ज्याने केलं तोच विसरला आपुलकी,
बदलला माणूस बदलली माणुसकी!

आला कुठून हा काळ्या जादूचा बाजार
झाली कारणी होऊन बसला आजार.
कोणी म्हणे भुताने पछाडले,
कोणी म्हणे पूर्व कर्माचे फळ मिळाले.
पण ज्याने केलं तोच विसरला आपुलकी,
बदलला माणूस , बदलली माणुसकी!

लढली पिढी, लढले दिग्गज
मिळविला स्त्रियांचा हक्क व अधिकार
तरीही होतो स्त्रियांवर अत्याचार,
ज्या पुढे समाज होतो अजूनही लाचार.
पण ज्याने केलं तोच विसरला आपुलकी,
बदलला माणूस बदलली माणुसकी!

The First Tag- My Sins Against Gender Stereotype

It has been a year from now that I am into blogging and this is for the first time that I have been tagged. Thanks Nima for tagging me.

I guess, every one of us, at some or the other time might have committed sins against our gender stereotype. Its natural. Sometimes our behaviour and likings are based more on our thinking rather than our gender stereotype.

So here’s the list of things that goes against my gender stereotype:

  • I never had any craze about the dolls when I was a kid. I hated the famous Barbies. 😮
  • On the contrary, I used to play corridor-cricket and pillow-fight with my cousins and friends. (And it’s quite embarrassing to mention that I used to watch WWF with my brothers)
  • Shopping doesn’t turn me on . 😐
  • Most of the times my room is frowzy wherein only books are arranged properly.
  • I am care-free and mostly do the things when the peak time comes.
  • I do not go with ease when it comes to the make-up part and accessories which are the basic needs of girls.
  • And the last one. I can whistle too. (Nima, I share same quality with you!) 😛

So that’s all about me and my sins against gender stereotype!

Luck Exists!

Luck! Has been a debatable topic since a long time. Lot of things are associated with this term. Philosophy, karma, determinism, superstition and others. Though we are not into the depth of these terms, we can try to find out the probability of the existence of Luck.
Let us try.

Earlier I used to think that there is nothing called as luck. We, as a human being are blessed with a beautiful life and its in our hand and mind to mould our destiny. Those are our actions, which we get to see as the results. Most of the times if we get the negative result, we tend to say that: “this happens only with me and that I have a hard luck.” But, we ultimately forget that the negative result is just the consequence of our actions. So, when we are the one to decide the way and make efforts; then what this luck thing has to do with that?
Isn’t it?

On the counter part-

One fine day, I was waiting on the traffic signal for the light to go green, when my attention caught the sight of a little forsaken child asking the by-passers for some alms. He neither had proper clothes to wear nor food to eat. It was really disheartening to see most of the people just ignoring him. 😦

That sight made to think: why is it that the little boy is in the pain of begging while other people are enjoying their lives? There might be something that differed us with what we are today? There might be something that got this little boy in this world as a beggar and we as a ‘happy-with-what-we-have‘ .

So, don’t you think this is something which we can call as a Luck?
I do think so. What do you say?

The Wax Life

We all are aware about the famous wax museum, Madame Tussauds of London. But, very few of us know about the ‘Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum’ that is located in Kolhapur, India. It showcases ‘Gram-Jivan’ i.e. Village Life with near about 300 wax statues.

Just have a look at some of the snaps of the wax statues present there. They are simply amazing! 🙂

What do you think?

Wax Statues, India


Millions of thoughts come and go,

Convincing of them are applied the most.

Verification of its consequences makes us feel good or bad,

But the experience that we gain makes us feel too glad!

In the flow of thoughts,

Good things frequently come and go.

The mission is to catch those things,

Overcoming the shadow of the glow!

Sometimes we seem to be brainless,

And follow the way that is aimless.

After certain cross-checks we get conscious,

And come to know that it’s the way of certain countless!

Sometimes following the right path seems so useless

But its importance in life tightens our shoe lace!

Everyone’s thinking may be different,  but I guess, these experiences are the same..