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How-to-get-a-job Syndrome

It was just another day in the college, when a seminar was conducted for us on the topic ‘Software Testing and Quality Assurance’. The speaker was a Tester by profession, from a renowned company. The motive of complete 90 minutes of her seminar was that: the testing job is more eminent than that of developing the software, since most of the cost incurred in the complete  engineering of the software is due to the rework done on it.

She was enforcing on a thing that there would be around 30K testing jobs available in coming year, as per some statistics. And according to her, one should be prepared with the tools and techniques that are used in the industries for the testing purpose. So, she suggested us to join some XYZ Institute that provides certification on the tools , so that if you acquire those certifications, you would probably stand-out from the crowd and eventually get the chance to place yourself in a company with ease. 😐

Being an engineering student, now-a-days I am coming across people who are busy in the quest of acquiring various certifications, so that they can provide proof to the company that they have learnt some technology. I wonder whether these certificates really depicts the knowledge for a particular field. 🙄

Well, coming to the point which I want to make is that:

— Why do we always get the tips on how can we place ourselves in any XYZ company?

— Why from childhood are we listening to it that “Beta you need to study hard to get a good job.”

— Why aren’t we told that you need to study so that you can produce something of your own or implement something that you learn.

I guess, this might be one of the reasons to why most of us study just for the sake of passing the examination or for why we have a countable amount of “Real Engineers” from such a huge crowd of engineers. 😕

I want to say that, why do we always think with regard to acquiring job. Why don’t we think beyond it for creating something new, to choose some different path than what all others are blindly following? I know there’s nothing wrong in doing job. But I think, doing things just for the sake of getting a job, is insane. It kills the entire learning process that can create wonders.