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बदलला माणूस , बदलली माणुसकी!

युगे बदलली काळ लोटला,
प्रत्येक कामासाठी मोबदला लागू लागला.
न राहिला जिव्हाळा, न राहिली
बदलला माणूस, बदलली माणुसकी!

जिभेचे हे चोचले पुरवण्यासाठी,
आठवड्यातून एकदा तरी हवे मांसाहारी जेवण.
आणि मग कापला बोकड केलं मटण,
कापली कोंबडी केलं चिकन.
पण ज्याने केलं तोच विसरला आपुलकी,
बदलला माणूस बदलली माणुसकी!

आला कुठून हा काळ्या जादूचा बाजार
झाली कारणी होऊन बसला आजार.
कोणी म्हणे भुताने पछाडले,
कोणी म्हणे पूर्व कर्माचे फळ मिळाले.
पण ज्याने केलं तोच विसरला आपुलकी,
बदलला माणूस , बदलली माणुसकी!

लढली पिढी, लढले दिग्गज
मिळविला स्त्रियांचा हक्क व अधिकार
तरीही होतो स्त्रियांवर अत्याचार,
ज्या पुढे समाज होतो अजूनही लाचार.
पण ज्याने केलं तोच विसरला आपुलकी,
बदलला माणूस बदलली माणुसकी!



Millions of thoughts come and go,

Convincing of them are applied the most.

Verification of its consequences makes us feel good or bad,

But the experience that we gain makes us feel too glad!

In the flow of thoughts,

Good things frequently come and go.

The mission is to catch those things,

Overcoming the shadow of the glow!

Sometimes we seem to be brainless,

And follow the way that is aimless.

After certain cross-checks we get conscious,

And come to know that it’s the way of certain countless!

Sometimes following the right path seems so useless

But its importance in life tightens our shoe lace!

Everyone’s thinking may be different,  but I guess, these experiences are the same..

When your computer crashes down..

Thats how the PC looks when it crashes down..

The most common things that we feel when our PC gets sick –

  • I should have installed the legal version of OS. 😐
  • The anti-virus that I have presently is of no use. It does not detect anything and  protect my computer. 😡
  • Will I have to format the PC? 😯
  • Ohh thats really a tedious task. Re-installing all the applications is such a boring job..
  • Gosh! I wish I would have a PC that never get collapsed. 🙄
  • No, I need to do something to fix this problem.

Thats what I was feeling when my computer was ill for many days.  Finally, fixed all the problems and now its all working good. Hope that it would work smoothly for much longer time. 🙂

In search of ‘Me’..

Whenever I come across the ‘About me’ tag, it reminds me of the SWOT Analysis. When I was in Diploma, we were asked to perform this analysis, which I thought was one of the most annoying thing I could do then. 😡

But, now I think it would have done something to groom me up.

You might be thinking why am I writing about this thing. The reason being, from a few days from now, I am trying many things that I think, would interest me and I would be able to do it the best way. A thought is constantly knocking my mind that it’s the high time now to know the forte within me. 😕

Believe me, much of the thoughts walked in my mind but I was unable to pick out any of those. I tried few of them and ended up with the funny outcome and between got to know much about ‘me’. 😆

Really, this is such a strange facet of life wherein an individual tries a hell lot of things to ‘pull out’ his identity. I am also trying the same and hope that I end up with this search soon.

Anyway, did you ever come across such situation?

P.S.  SWOTStrength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat.