When your computer crashes down..

Thats how the PC looks when it crashes down..

The most common things that we feel when our PC gets sick –

  • I should have installed the legal version of OS. 😐
  • The anti-virus that I have presently is of no use. It does not detect anything and  protect my computer. 😡
  • Will I have to format the PC? 😯
  • Ohh thats really a tedious task. Re-installing all the applications is such a boring job..
  • Gosh! I wish I would have a PC that never get collapsed. 🙄
  • No, I need to do something to fix this problem.

Thats what I was feeling when my computer was ill for many days.  Finally, fixed all the problems and now its all working good. Hope that it would work smoothly for much longer time. 🙂


7 thoughts on “When your computer crashes down..

  1. Yaa.. all d points r correct.. Bt nw here, we hv been used to of dem…
    hey.. once i installed avg n scanned my system… It said – “New Virus found.. QuickHeal.exe” lo kar lo baat… Nw for one antivirus, anothr one is Virus..
    Wel.. njoy ur fresh PC.. 🙂

  2. @Gaurav- Ok. Till now I’ve just heard about its quality performance. Need to try out this one now. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

    @Dhamma- Yes we are used to all these things coz the deadly viruses does not let our machine to work smoothly.. 😦
    Between “New Virus found.. QuickHeal.exe” is really ridiculous..

  3. well that doesnot work either.. I have a licensed OS, licesend anti virus.. still last night i had this virus and my machine told me that i need to scan the disk .. I did that and now it boots and works but no internet, and applications dont load and everything goes kaput ..
    so i boot in safe mode and it all works WEIRD 🙂

    Any IdEAs help me 🙂

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