Tomorrow is on the way
Days and night pass away
I want to hold it in my hand
Alas! moments trickle like sand

I can feel it passing by
It spares no thought for my sigh
The mirror shows my image
I am growing older with age

Demise may knock at my door
But I wish to live more
Can I do nothing,
To stop the moments fleeting?

Like all others I too will fly
Amidst tears and muffled cry
Years later, when memories ebb away
I would come to know, I have made my way.



The First Post..

This is my first post on the blog and I really don’t know what to include in it. I never thought that it is so difficult to decide what to write in the first post.

Well, I would like to say something about My Blog..
Its a place that contains all the jumbled things that constantly chatter in My Mind.
Making it: The Mind-Maze!

Lets see where it leads.. 🙂