Its all about “Hide n Seek”!

Music is something which is very close to everybody’s heart. It speaks about the feelings that cannot be expressed by any kind of language.  It is something that gives immense pleasure to our mind and soul. It is something that overpowers and isolates us from the negativity in mind.

Ohh.. there can be number of such definitions of The Music that comes to our mind when we start thinking about it. We all know that the instruments make the major part of any music. They are the drivers for the ultimate melody.

Sometimes I used to think that how can these steady and dumb instruments ever produce such soothing and pleasing melodies? 😐

Out of this curiosity and affection, I started to learn to play an instrument (Guitar) two years before.  I used to enjoy every bit of that learning and used to feel very delighted and happy, being in touch with that instrument. It gave me the Lively feeling! 😛

But somehow unknowingly after much of the days of learning, I departed from it and the instrument took its place on the loft of my room. Everyday, there came a slot of time when I used to constantly stare at it  and get some lowly feeling. 🙄

And after much of these gloomy days, I realised that something is missing in the way I am working out.  And henceforth I decided to seek the thing which I missed out daily and now I feel satisfied somehow.  🙂

Similarly, sometimes in life it happens that we need to do the things that we don’t like to do. Between which we forget or ignore the ones which we really like. And what happens is, unknowingly that thing gets hidden and we don’t find the way for it.  Don’t let this happen. Seek for what you enjoy doing. Who knows it might turn into some wonder someday! 😉


2 thoughts on “Its all about “Hide n Seek”!

  1. Wow yaar! Awesome post!
    I personally like melodies and instrumental soundtracks more than those songs with lyrics.
    Hope I soon find something to do which I really love(and am passionate about). 🙂

  2. nice thoughts yaar,,,,,i dont understand a bit in music but u r article touched the heart..

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