The Futile War..

From last 15 days, all the news channels are blabbering about the political issues. Every political party is trying to oppose the other by all means, regardless of whether the issue is worth fighting or not. 😕

Recently, an issue was produced that whether the Pakistan players should be allowed to play in IPL or not. Now, the point is clear that if the government has given permission for the Pakistani players to play in IPL, then what is the point in opposing  SRK. If some solution is to be found regarding this, then approach should be made to the government and not to someone who has no solution regarding the issue.

So, instead of  confronting such barren issues, if some of the affairs like price hike, unemployment and suicide are given highlight, then I guess, the public would also appreciate it.


6 thoughts on “The Futile War..

  1. Exactly… nw a days politicians r nt gettin ny sensational topic.. So, dey r trying to find ny topic, whiz dey think can b sensational & public wil adore it… Js few days ago, one politician warned Sachin Tendulkar to concentrate on his cricket instead of getting indulged in the matter of MARATHI.. Such type of things wont prosper the India.. Der r still hell of d issues to b solved n to be given 1st preference..

  2. seriously yar i don’t understand why people are targeting SRK
    if they have any problem they should go to goverment .

  3. totally agree with u,,,really its rubbish to oppose a film specially when it has a great message of peace in it!!

  4. nopes…i dun agree wid u..unnecessary publicity is given to SRKs MNIK.i do agree wid da fact dat der r som more stuff on wich d mass can think thn SRK is no xception.MNIK bombed at d box 1ly 50% openin.i dun nderstand 1thng.dat asst commisioner shivanand sed dat i will giv u d police force of 50000 jus to protect d cinema halls dat also for a loser lyk SRk??
    n wat abt d bomblast recently took place at pune??
    thn wher was he???

  5. @Pratik: Thanks for the comment.. 🙂
    @Rohan: I am not saying anyting abt publicity sort of things. But,the issue is that all the political parties are just fighting for the dim issues and not for the one that require aid. Well, I guess, thats why we all think that politics is a filthy game..

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