The Change..

It has been years since we were born. From that very moment when we were born till today, tons of changes can be observed. We grew from few pounds to huge kgs :mrgreen: . We learnt how to walk, talk and behave within the society and now we have learnt how to learn from the new challenges that come around.

Eventually, from all these things, we define the term ‘LIFE’ in our own terms. This definition (of Life) changes with the change in time.

Each day being a new beginning, we get to find the faults in our own self and we try to improve. This value addition in our own self again marks the Change in You, to the You, a day before.

Thus, as the time moves forward, all the things around and within us changes. This change has so much impact in our life that we never know how will our own self be a year after. So ultimately,  time holds all the things and makes us to find out its secret, with every experience that is left behind! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Change..

  1. Ya everything changes with time.. We just have to make sure that the change is for our good. (if you are unaware, its me NIMA) 🙂

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